Why Slyk?

We are digital money entrepreneurs who have built platforms, apps, and protocols that connect cryptocurrency to banks and e-wallets. We built Slyk to give digital money superpowers to everyday entrepreneurs. We believe everyone can become wealthy doing what they love if they have the tools to start selling fast and to turn their biggest fans into incentivized promoters.

Slyk is a technology company that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start selling and incentivize growth. 

Easy E-commerce

Slyk is for easy ecommerce, for experiments and new ventures. With Slyk, startups find their market faster. Big brands target VIP clients. Communities grow fast. Slyk is for casual commerce, me-commerce, fast commerce. Slyk is for selling and growing at internet speed. 

We built Slyk to combine the freedom and flexibility of cryptocurrency with the convenience and ease-of-use of e-wallets like Paypal. Slyk is a money layer that can be easily added to any network, configurable and customizable to meet the needs of the network’s users.   

Meet our team

Slyk was created by a team of entrepreneurs who have been working together on cryptocurrency and fintech platforms since 2012. Everything we’ve learned about digital cash payments has informed the Slyk product and technology.