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Startup Success is SLYK.

Slyk powers community-led startups with coin-gated collaboration and community venture capital.

Launch Fast

Set-up to Share in Minutes. Free Growth Tools. Community Venture Capital. 

Grow Fast

Community-led Growth. Coin-powered Collaboration. Private or public mode. Free growth tools.

Raise Fast

Community Venture Capital with SlykRaise™. 

Get Paid Your Way.

Get Slykpay™ and open your startup to the world. Or use your existing payment accounts or add new ones. E-wallets, debit/credit cards, cryptocurrency, and more. 

Mobile First

Put your startup in the pocket of your community. Reward the world for helping you grow with crypto, cash, or coins.

Go Web3

Bridge your Slyk Startup Coins to Onchain cryptoassets. Slyk is your startup's bridge from web2 to web3. 

Meet the Slyksters

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