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Team Slyk

Jorge and Tim have been building fintech platforms together since 2012. They were the CTO and CEO, respectively, of Uphold, one of the first bitcoin-and-bank-connected platforms in the U.S. With Slyk, they've applied lessons learned from building Uphold, Airtm, Cadoo, and Wayfex.

Jorge Pereira

Co-Founder: Product & Engineering

 I love Slyk because it gives any entrepreneur or business digital money super-powers. Slyk is the startup success platform for the next billion online entrepreneurs and their experiments and innovations.

Tim Parsa

Co-Founder: Product & Growth

I believe Founder Energy is the most important resource in the world because when you combine it with tech leverage you can build Startups that solve painful problems for millions of people. We built Slyk to be a Startup Success Platform-- from launch to community-led collaboration and venture capital. We are on a mission to lower the startup/vc failure rate. 

Building together since 2012

The Slyk Team has been building fintech startups together since 2012, digital money apps and platforms that solve large problems by combining legacy money networks, public blockchains, and peer-to-peer technology. Our startups have improved the lives of tens of millions of people all over the world. And we're just getting started.