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Meet The Slyksters

Slyk is the easy e-commerce onramp for the next ten million online entrepreneurs.

Kendric Vineyards

Stewart Johnson makes wine people love. Thanks to Slyk, he sells more of it and more profitably. By inviting his best local clients to join his Slyk, he can reward them for bringing him more sales

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Camilo Noa

Camilo Noa is a Cuban poet, writer, and entrepreneur. He is Slyk's Community Manager in Cuba and is working to bring technological and financial freedom to thousands of Cuban entrepreneurs, freelancers, and tech professionals.

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Sound Scraps

 Northern CA artist jö uses Slyk to monetize her artistic and creative process with NFTs and musical consultations. Setup a Slyk in minutes to start experimenting with different ways to make money online from your art. 

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Zack Bruce

Zack is a musician, designer, Web3 entrepreneur, and chief evangelist of Slykigai (getting paid online to live out your life's purpose). He is also Head of Growth at Slyk, where he is supporting and growing the next generation of Slyk Scouts. 

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Cuban entrepreneurs Hallway are an architectural and graphic design firm. From concept to execution, they are at the forefront of professional creative talent in Cuba and can be found on the Freemance Cuban freelancer directory.

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Praise brings together entrepreneurs of faith. Through custom coin incentives and different ways to connect, Praise is a mission-driven web3 community growing through Slyk.

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Horse Hill

How to help neighbors in need of local services during sheltering-in-place of the pandemic? How to support the survival of local entrepreneurs and service providers? For a neighborhood in Mill Valley, the answer was launching a Slyk that made it easy to collect digital money donations (Venmo and Paypal) and connect local service providers to neighbors in need. 

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 Surf Community is a way of life, it’s made up of a tribe of humans who love the ocean. Surfing the Web3 wave together! Join this Slyk or start a Slyk for your community and use crypto, coins, and commerce to grow it.

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Slyk's Startup Community is where new entrepreneurs can level up and compete for funding on Slyk Tank. Earn SLK coins for spreading the Startup gospel to your networks.

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Slyk HQ

Apply to be a Slyk Scout and earn every time your fans, followers, or students achieve Slykcess.

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Hoops 4 Hope has improved the lives of tens of thousands of children and adults in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mozambique over the past 20 years. But securing funding for their programs during the pandemic became difficult in 2020 due to the cancellation of its main fund-raising event in East Hampton, New York. With Slyk, H4H founder Mark Crandall had a way to raise funds easily and virally, distribute funds fast and easily, and incentivize the growth of its program participants. 

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Apes Web3 Community

APES TO THE MOON! Earn APE coin by sharing Apes on Web2 communities, by launching your own Slyk, and by joining the Slykigai Program. This is a play-to-earn community, ready to go Web3.

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The Slyk Grow Show is how and where the Slyk Growth Team builds in public. Earn SLK by sharing the Grow Show, connect the Slyk Team with other creators and builders for SLK, and use the Grow Show format for your own startup.

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The Gig Community is for the globally-connected network of musicians who perform live music, and the fans who love them. NFTs of famous gig venues powers the community, who earn GIG tokens by sharing the love and launching their own music communities.

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Welcome to the Slyk Squid Game! Earn SLK tokens by recruiting other players and completing tasks. Cash out your SLK to USD, or use your coins to advance to the next round and earn even more. Gamifying entrepreneurship has never been so fun and easy!  

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Calamar is the Spanish-language version of the Slyk Squid Game. Earn SLK tokens by recruiting other players and completing tasks. Cash out your SLK via QvaPay and AirTM, or use them to advance to the next round. Gamifying entrepreneurship has never been so fun and easy! 

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Grounded Grassfed Beef

Grounded Grassfed Beef produces the highest-quality 100% pasture-raised beef in California, selling to Whole Foods and other high-end grocery outlets. They do it by applying the sustainable grazing practices of the Sonoma Mountain Institute to bring small herds of cattle to private ranches and public land. With Slyk Grounded Grassfed Beef can be offered for sale to visitors of the very ranches where the cows graze. Slyk makes pop-up commerce experiments easy because it's fast to set-up, free to get started, and can be used with existing payment accounts (no integrations needed). 

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During sheltering-in-place, Slyk Co-founder Tim saw an opportunity to teach his two sons about entrepreneurship by launching Vival, a startup that makes it easy to grow backyard vegetables. They launched on Squarespace and Slyk at the same time to compare the experience. Slyk was fast, easy, and free, compared to the complexity and fees of Squarespace (or Shopify).

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Cuban entrepreneurs Sendjona have created a robust marketplace on Slyk for Cuban currency conversion in a country short on financial services.

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