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Grow Mucho. Pay Poco.

Launch a Startup for Free in Minutes.

Pay as you Grow.

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Launch Fast

Set-up to share in minutes. Private or public mode. Sell goods or services, physical or digital. Free growth tools. 

Grow Fast

Reward the world for helping you grow users, sales, team, and more. Monetize your Founder Energy and coin-gate collaboration. 

Raise Fast

Share the Upside of your Startup with everyone who helps you grow. Raise your first venture capital from an engaged and aligned community with SlykRaise™.

Get Paid Your Way

E-wallets, bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and cryptocurrency. Get paid your way with Slykpay™.

Coin-Gated Collaboration

Make it easy for your community to help you grow the way you need to grow. Skin in the game and shared upside with coin-powered community.


Launch a Slyk-linked DAO, exchange Startup Coins for Crypto, and sell NFTs. Slyk bridges creators, startups, and communities from Web2 to Web3.


  • Is Slyk Free?

    Slyk is free until your startup is successful. Launch  for free and start selling and growing. When you reach 250 active members of your Startup, Slyk costs less than  $1 per day.

  • What Payment Methods does Slyk Support?

    You can use your Slyk with any payment method, including e-wallets like Paypal, Venmo, and Airtm, banks, credit/debit cards (via Stripe), and cryptocurrency. If you have a Paypal business account you can link it easily to your Slyk. If you have an account with Coinbase, you can do the same for cryptocurrency payments. Don't see the payment method you want? It's easy to add any payment method that suits your Slyk! You can also apply for Slykpay™ and sell to the world, i.e. accept any Slyk-supported payment method, while getting paid in the currency of your choice. 

  • Can I add Slyk to my existing app or service?

    Yes! The Slyk API makes it easy to add all the Slyk functionality to your existing service, providing all your user accounts with a digital money wallet, commerce engine, growth tools, and flexible payment methods for adding and withdrawing funds.

  • Are there any restrictions to what I can sell with Slyk?

    You can sell anything using Slyk, as long as it is legal to do so in the U.S. and EU where Slyk is subject to legal requirements. Slyk does not allow the use of its software to facilitate sales that are illegal in those jurisdictions.