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Sell Mucho, Pay Poco

Set up your free e-commerce solution in minutes.
Only start paying when you’re successful.

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Easy Online Store

Set-up to sale in minutes. Sell goods or services, physical or digital.

Any Payment Method

E-wallets, bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and cryptocurrency. Get paid your way.

Loyalty Points

Reward your best clients with service credits, loyalty points, or even cash. Digital money superpowers.

Affiliate Sales Links

Turn your networks into a motivated sales force. Reward your clients for promoting your Slyk.

Referral Rewards

Reward your best clients for bringing you more sales. Give them a reason to spread the love so they can get more of what they love.

QR Codes

Generate QR codes for easy access to your Slyk and pop-up purchases. Make it easy for your clients to access your Slyk and buy your stuff.


  • Is Slyk Free?

    Slyk is free until your online business is successful. Launch your Slyk for free and start selling. When you hit an average of 1 sale/day over 30 days, Slyk costs $1 per day. When you hit an average of 3 sales per day, Slyk costs $3 per day. We want you to be successful in earning a living doing what you love. Slyk is free until your rocket ship reaches escape velocity.

  • What Payment Methods does Slyk Support?

    You can use your Slyk with any payment method, including e-wallets like Paypal, Venmo, and Airtm, banks, credit/debit cards (via Stripe), and cryptocurrency. If you have a Paypal business account you can link it easily to your Slyk. If you have an account with Coinbase, you can do the same for cryptocurrency payments. Don't see the payment method you want? It's easy to add any payment method that suits your Slyk!

  • Can I add Slyk to my existing app or service?

    Yes! The Slyk API makes it easy to add all the Slyk functionality to your existing service, providing all your user accounts with a digital money wallet, commerce engine, growth tools, and flexible payment methods for adding and withdrawing funds.

  • Are there any restrictions to what I can sell with Slyk?

    You can sell anything using Slyk, as long as it is legal to do so in the U.S. and EU where Slyk is based. Slyk does not allow the use of its software to facilitate sales that are illegal in those jurisdictions.

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