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Slyk API

Easily integrate your Slyk Startup Community (Tasks, Rewards, Wallet Network, and Ecomm) into your Product.

Power your Product.

Products, Startups, and Communities use the Slyk API to walletize and monetize their users, integrating their Startup Community with their MVP.

Fintech Startups

Slyk's low-code digital asset, task & rewards, and ecomm tools make it easy to iterate quickly and experiment. You build the front-end; Slyk's API takes care of the rest.

You bring the users. 

Slyk brings the digital money magic.

Easy Fintech

Give all your users a digital asset account.

Global Payments

Easy-to-configure payments from  e-wallets, cryptocurrency platforms, banks, crypto, and more. 


Enable centralized currencies or decentralized cryptocurrencies, as well as custom assets: reward coins, service credit, team currencies, and more.

Referral & Affiliate Links

Built-in growth tools make it easy for your startup community to grow. Reward referral sales, task completions, and social media promotions.

Ecomm Tools

Free ecomm and growth tools make it easy for your digital money network to grow. Reward referral sales, task completions, and social media promotions. Coin-gate collaboration and then raise community venture capital.

SDKs & Extensions

Extend your wallet network functionality to popular e-commerce platforms, e-wallets, cryptocurrency platforms, and more. 

Slyk API Partners


A telco in the Dominican Republic uses Slyk's API to grow sales and lower costs of its pre-paid network.

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Wayfex is a global leader in bank-to-bank international currency swaps, specializing in transfers and payments between the developed and developing worlds.

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A platform for the corp treasury function to reveal, manage, and execute on business/trading exposures to digital assets, including CBDCs and other cryptoassets.

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Lympid is a blockchain platform that provides easy access to the amazing opportunities found on the blockchain, from DeFi protocols to Crypto Indexes. With Lympid, you can create an IBAN account, deposit, earn in web3 and withdraw. It's an easy onboarding into crypto.

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Unicâmbio is a financial application that allows you to manage your money easily, quickly and affordably. It's a suite of solutions that offers fast transfers between members, SEPA transfers, exchange of 55 currencies, deposit/withdrawal at the counter and a virtual card for payments.

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API Pricing

Slyk's user-based pricing keeps costs low as you grow. Custom pricing available for larger networks and to support fast-growing startups.

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