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What is Slykigai?

Slykigai is alignment with market and community. Get paid for doing what you love and share upside with your tribe.

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The Slykigai 21-Day Program

A free online course to discover your life's purpose and turn it into an online business.

1 hour per day

21 days

21 days to build a purpose-driven online business

  • A clear value proposition, community to support you, and clients to pursue.

  • Get paid for doing what you love, what you’re good at, and what the world needs from you.

Know yourself

  • Your Passion + Talents

  • Your Monthly Sales Goal

  • Your Community

  • What the World Needs From You

Show yourself

  • Make Purpose Videos

  • Get Feedback + Iterate

  • Get Leads

  • Build Social Channels

Grow yourself

  • Launch Your Slyk

  • Invite + Share

  • Optimize Rewards

  • Maximize Growth

The Slykigai Tribe 

Thousands of entrepreneurs & creators have completed the 21-day program to launch purpose-driven online businesses.

Zack B.


Slyk is the home for my portfolio of small bets.


Camilo N.

Community Manager

Slyk makes it easy to experiment, iterate, and share upside with my community.


Mia H.


I was nervous about launching an online business. Slyk made it easy.


Jake K.

Backyard Gardener

Getting paid to help friends and neighbors grow cannabis is my Slykigai.


Join the free Slykigai 21-Day Program

We will send you a daily email that will help you discover, productize, and power your purpose.